If you still get your Rx’s in a prescription vial…you are doing it wrong!! Call Packer Apothecary to find out what’s changing in pharmacy and how it could better you or a loved ones health!

South Philadelphia’s #1 Pharmacy

Packer Apothecary offers FREE Delivery and Pick-up of Prescriptions.

Remember the good old days when you were able to go talk to your pharmacist about a concern you had or to have a question answered without being rushed out because they were too busy?  Or the days when you were able to get a prescription filled in a reasonable amount of time? You probably thought those days were over.  The good news is that there is now a pharmacy like that!! Packer Apothecary, located in the Packer Park shopping center, is still that old-time pharmacy.  We offer the BEST prices on all medications and we accept all major insurances, including: Medicare, Medicaid, PACE, Express Scripts and CVS/Caremark.  Packer Apothecary carries a variety of top-selling, over-the-counter medications.  We also have a nice selection of greeting cards that are 50% off everyday.

Here’s the best part: WE OFFER FREE DELIVERY!! How is that for customer service?

Whether it’s calling your doctor for a refill or a new prescription or delivering you a greeting card to send to your grandchild, we understand how you want to be treated.

Transferring a prescription is simple, just bring in your bottle(s) to us with your insurance card and we’ll take care of the rest.

Packer Apothecary, how pharmacy should be.

Packer Apothecary (Pharmacy)

Not your typical Drug Store

Packer Apothecary is a step above your typical “chain drug store” or “mail order facility” by providing personalized care, 1:1 customer service, FREE pick-up and Delivery of prescriptions, and FREE delivery of over-the-counter products. Please stop in and ask for your neighborhood pharmacist, Christopher Pauzano, to see how he may assist with your pharmacy needs.